UK Casino Bonuses

Anybody looking to play online casino games at UK online casinos would most likely appreciate some information on the UK Casino Bonuses on offer. We here at, for your reading and gaming pleasure, have put together a list of the most common and the best online casino bonuses. These are the ones that are the easiest to find and the ones that will benefit you the most and if you’re looking to play a few games with them as well, we have included a few of them from our Top UK Online Casinos which can be found a little lower down and which you can use to play a few casino games for free.

Welcome or Sign Up Bonuses

All the British Online Casinos will have a Welcome Bonus ready and waiting for you when you sign up with them. This is their way of thanking you for deciding to join them. The bonuses can come in a multitude of forms, from Free Play Bonuses to Match Bonuses and even No Deposit Bonuses. They can be likened to a free tour of the casino, just so you can see what the casino is all about and what it will be like playing with them.

Match Bonuses

These are the UK Casino Bonuses that you will get after you make a deposit. Once again, they are a way of thanking you, not for signing up, but for choosing to deposit some playing money. A Match Bonus will add a percentage of your deposit to your amount, giving you more money to play with. The percentages vary and could be anything from a meager 25% all the way up to a massively impressive 250%, depending on the casino. It is also never a bad idea to check what the wagering requirements are in order to use the bonus, luckily we have once again thought of you and we have added the wagering requirements to our casino bonus tables.

Free Play Bonuses

These are extremely enjoyable as they will allow you to play a few select casino games for free, without having to deposit any money or even, in certain circumstances, create a casino account. They can also be part of the welcome package or they can simply be used on specific games in order to pique your interest and get you playing.

Exclusive Bonuses

These are very special bonuses and can be uses for a multitude of purposes from promoting new games, to promoting special days of the year, including Christmas, Halloween and even your Birthday (if you’re a registered and paying member of the casino and they know which day it is). Once again they can come in any form, from Match Bonuses to Free Play Bonuses. Our choice for the best free play bonus is available at

VIP Bonuses

For all the high rollers out there, the ones that want spend thousands of pounds and want something to show for it. VIP Bonuses can be a bigger than normal Match Bonus or First Deposit Bonus or they could be rewards, in the form of Free Play Bonuses when you spend a certain amount of money or you accumulate enough points to qualify for the bigger, more impressive VIP Bonuses.

Entertainment awaits

We have provided a few of these UK Casino Bonuses for you to use and even though you will need to create a casino account to use them (which is never a bad thing) they will still be able to provide you with tons of entertainment as you spend the evening playing the likes of UK Online Slots, Blackjack, Craps Roulette and Baccarat for free with the help of you free UK Casino Bonuses.