Common Questions Answered For Online Casino Roulette

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Online casino Roulette is a popular game played by many, however for new comers there might be a few questions that need answering before stepping into the game. Below you will find some of the most commonly asked questions.


What are the Odds When I Play Roulette?

Well Roulette is a risky game and it relies on the luck of the spin as well as a general knowledge of the game. As the game relies more on luck than skill the odds are 50/50. This adds to the thrill of the game!


What are My Betting Options?

Players can bet on single numbers or multiple numbers. Single numbers offer a higher payout, however this is a risky option. By betting on multiple numbers you stand a better chance at winning but with a lower payout. It is the safer option but not as rewarding as the risky option.


Is Online Roulette easy to learn?

Yes, online Roulette is easy to learn as it is a game of luck. The rules are simple and players can pick up quickly on the game. The main objective is to predict where the small metal ball will fall. The spin table consists of numbers and colours. There are variations of the game, but they all remain simplified.


Are Online Roulette Casinos Safe?

Online casinos are safe. Your personal details are kept private and the security is tight. Regarding online casinos, security is so strict that only a handful of countries are allowed to build online casinos. Laws protect the clients and are as safe as land based casinos.


Top Online Roulette Casinos to Play at

  • King Solomons Casino
  • Genting Casino
  • Swiss Casino
  • Begado Casino
  • Sunset Slots Casino
  • Superior Casino
  • DomGame Casino
  • Rockbet Casino
  • Pamper Casino
  • AC Casino


Must I Download Software to my PC to Play Online Roulette?

This depends on the casino you are visiting. Some casinos require players to download software while others offer instant plays but require a flash player. Either way, its a quick process. Soma casinos allow free plays which are instant and they allow for the opportunity to decide whether or not the player would like to download the game.

These are only some of the commonly asked questions, always remember, each casino varies and each offers different benefits!